Laser cleaning


Your company can now get these laser products directly from our manufacturer through us. One of the best lasers for removing rust, oxides, any kind of contamination, paint, etc. No need for chemicals or blasting media! Get yours today, it will save you a lot of money and generate more money than the traditional methodas using chemicals and blasting media. Reduce the amount of waste, safer work environment, better end results. More efficient working days, cleaner workshop, lower production costs, healtiher work force, more effective workers, and faster delivery time.
Lead time 20W-150W: 2-3 weeks after order have been placed.
Lead time 200W: 3-6 weeks after order have been placed.
Lead time 500W: 1-3 months after order have been placed.
Lead time 1000W: 8-12 months.

You want a cleaner solution for your restoration projects? Get a cleaning laser today!

We have changed our manufacturer and supplier of laser products, This have let us drop the price dramatically on lasers to our customers. This is one among the best cleaning lasers on the market. They also have many technology patents in this field!
We also provide welding lasers, cutting lasers, marking and engraving lasers. All from the same manufacturer!