Low Power Laser units 20W-100W

Our lasers

100W laser from our manufacturer. Very good quality laser. You can adjust all necsesary parameters in order to get the best result. Length and width of the laser beam, which spiral pattern you want to use, frequenzy (kHz), power, pulse duration and scan speed.

You can preprogram 5 programs in the laser, you can also change the parameters during the cleaning process. The programs can be stored for later use.

These lasers are among the best you can get. This can even remove Epoxy paints, which we all know is a tought paint to remove! Almost anything can be cleaned with this laser because you can program it while you work, no need to connect to a computer and upload programs, change the settings as you go.

Easy to use, powerful, fun to use, etc. If you don't have one, but are thinking of getting one for your business, then STOP thinking and act now! You will get many more customers with this in your workshop!
You can deliver back to your customer much earlier than with blasting or chemical cleaning methods!
You will save a lot of time and money by geting a laser for your business! 

Order today!

The laser will be shipped in a solid flightcase, which it can also be stored in when not in use, or on your way to a customer.

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